Why Choose KLM?

KLM is Calgary’s Best Choice for Music Lessons

Here is why you should choose KLM for music lessons:

Focus On Teaching

We are a music school, not a retail store that happens to offer music lessons. This leaves us free to specialize in one thing: providing the highest quality of music instruction.

Qualified Teachers

Our instructors are highly qualified and many have extensive performance experience. Most importantly, our instructors strive to relate their teaching to each individual student’s learning style.

All Ages – Beginners to Advanced

Our current students range from 5 years old to students in their 60’s and 70’s. We take care to teach what you want to learn so music is rewarding for students of all ages and levels.

Private Lessons

Private instruction is the best way for anyone to learn how to play an instrument because lessons are tailored to each student’s interests and specific needs. The teacher’s attention is focused on the individual student, ensuring that things such as technique, posture or understanding of a particular concept are correct.

Regular Concerts and Recitals

Recitals and concerts are held at least twice a year. These provide students with performance experience and build confidence.

Exam Preparation

We offer full training in repertoire, studies, technique, ear training and sight reading to prepare classical students for Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) exams.

KLM Rock School

The KLM Rock School is a great way for a new generation of young musicians to be introduced to all types of music, play in a band and perform in front of a live audience. Discover your inner rock star!

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