KLM’s Commitment to You

Here are some of the reasons why music teachers choose to teach with KLM Music over the other choices:

A constant flow of new students to keep schedules as full as possible

New students register everyday. Any holes in your schedule can quickly be filled. We spend a lot of money on advertising to keep our teachers’ schedules as full as possible.

Extras are taken care of for you-you build your schedule to suit your needs and your only other responsibility is to teach.

KLM’s administration handles all of the details related to music lessons in an organized and profession manner. Collecting payment, scheduling recitals, dealing with client concerns are all done on your behalf. This allows you to focus on teaching.

Your time is respected-you are paid when students cancel lessons

When a client registers and begins lessons with you, you agree to reserve a spot in your schedule for that client. Just like with swimming lessons or soccer, if the client chooses to not attend their lesson, they still pay for the lesson and in turn the instructor is paid for the lesson.

Administrative support is always available

From helping teachers build well mapped out routes and schedules to addressing both teachers’ and clients’ questions and concerns, KLM’s administration is always available to offer support to all staff and to promptly take care of clients.

Applying at KLM

KLM is always hiring teachers as our student base grows daily. If you are interested in a teaching position, please complete the form below.